A note from Luke

Recently I was released from the VA Medical Center after being inpatient there for quite a while.

I had a seizure, heart problems and some other medical issues. I was extremely limited on communication and this post is to sincerely apologize to those who were caught in the crossfire.

We are slowly restructuring the company and will be up and running soon.

I’ll do my absolute best to make things right to my customers.

During this time we’ll only be accepting limited orders to keep quality at its best and stress levels down.

If you would like to make an order please email me, but keep in mind we are keeping order numbers lower during this time.

Thank you very much for every ones support, and I hope my customers can understand.


Cuben Fiber Ridgeline Organizer


     Get all that stuff out of your pockets before you go to sleep, and neatly keep it right above your head for easy access. Cell phone,keys and your headlamp usually. These are made from .75 oz cuben fiber. It has three individually sewn pockets and it comes with mitten clips to attach to the ridgeline. I found the best way to attach this to your ridgeline is to make 2 prussic loops and clip each outside mitten clip to them. This provides tension and keeps the organizer in place. 
    Directions: Remove the included loop of line from each mitten clip, and prussic knot them on the ridgeline. Then reattach each mitten clip. Move each end prussic knot untill there is slight tension on the organizer (not much, just a little)    You can google prussic knot if you dont know how to do them!


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